You don’t need to think good thoughts every second of the day to have, do and be what you want. Here’s how I created six figures with negative thoughts. 

What You’ll Learn

  • Brief description of Soul Work
  • Brief description of Thought Work
  • How evaluating is vital for growth
How to create six figures with negative thoughts

Last year, I created six figures through a couple of different opportunities. When I look back on how I did it, I’m reminded that you never really know how you will get to a goal until you’ve reached the goal. 

But one thing is for certain-Your mind is what creates the results. 

I’ve always loved Soul Work, although early on, I didn’t call it that. It was more emotions and feelings based type of thinking and words I’d use. It was about desire. 

When I learned about Thought Work, it became an integral part of my Soul Work practices because I understood what was creating my feelings and emotions were my thoughts. 

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Brief Description Of Soul Work And Thought Work

→ It doesn’t matter if you start with Soul Work, and by Soul Work, I mean connecting with your body, your energy, and your feelings; you will eventually dive into learning why you are in a particular energy or feel a particular emotion. 

→ Likewise, it doesn’t matter if you start with Thought Work,  meaning looking at your thoughts and beliefs; you will be led to see what happens when you think or believe a particular thing. 

So if you’re an energy healer, you need to know Thought Work. 

If you’re a strategic consultant, you need to know Soul Work.

It’s a construct that works in support of each other, and one of the things I kept coming back to the entire year was-

What thought (thought work) led to this feeling (soul work) to create the outcome I have? 

I spent most of my year in a kind of evaluating space, breaking down how did I create this wanted or unwanted outcome?

This was important because I really began to understand just how much we make decisions based on who we believe we are or who we believe we are not. 

I was able to track my results back to the self-concept I was in at that moment. 

  • Who was I being when I was making the decisions? 
  • What thoughts did I have about my capacity to receive and create what I wanted? 
  • Did I believe I was the kind of person to do, be have a specific goal? 

More often than not, I looked at the situation I was in and assessed from there instead of creating a goal and making decisions based on who I needed to be to have that specific goal. 

From these assessments, I could see just how much doubt, questioning, and feelings of incompetency I was engaging in. 

I could see the highs of “Yes, this is amazing!” and then moving into the lows of “Uh, what are you doing?” thought patterns. 

My mind was very Wobbly!

As humans, we already deal with highs and lows in our life, and then you add in the Entrepreneurial emotional rollercoaster, and the shit show really gets messy. I’m talking shit all over the place, nasty!

It might not sound like evaluating will produce the results you want, but you can’t make change without awareness. 

This awareness allowed me to continually come back to my desires and practice making my decisions from there instead of from my head space. 

I was so used to making decisions from my head that were logical,” this is what I should be doing because here’s what the experts say,” instead of making decisions that were based on my true desires, not needing to know why I was leaning in that direction, but trusting that if it is a desire, it is from Soul Guidance and is the right choice, and then using my brain to create action provoking thoughts and working through all the drama that comes up when you decide you want to do a thing. 

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Evaluating Is Vital For Growth

Evaluating is how I made six figures with a wobbly mind because I was always uncovering the truth about my thoughts. 

Unearthing the gems of what happens when I think this thought about myself and make decisions based on those thoughts. 

Allowing myself to see the truth of my thoughts no matter how much it hurt. 

Seeing what I really thought about myself in those moments. 

All of that evaluating, at every turn, led to the next action, behavior, and decision, again and again, and again. 

Here’s what I want you to see from what I just said-

I did not always have great thoughts about myself and my capabilities

Because of that, I did not always make the best decisions

And with all of the emotional ups and downs (created by my thoughts), I was still able to earn

But the greatest asset I earned was an upgraded self-concept. Not because of the money but because I learned how to calibrate to my true identity. I created a new higher level of normal for myself that I get to start from this year.

I know how to use my tools to evaluate and course correct.  Ooofffff, I can’t wait to see what is possible for me to create this year and beyond with my wobbly mind. 

X, Aja

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