How did you determine that this is what you wanted?

I know it can be hard to determine what you truly want but it usually comes down to trusting that the desires coming up for you can happen for you. For me, it was no different. While on a trip to Florida for a Thanksgiving getaway, Soul guided me to trust that my desires are real. Now, truth be told, even though I felt that was true, I didn’t have any Trust. There’s a difference between Truth and Trust, right?! 

What Soul uncovered for me was that Environments are my secret weapon. Change is something that gives me power. Reinvention is the name of my game. When I found Human Design, that’s when I started to trust that who I am and my desires are just as they are supposed to be. 

I know, you’d think it would have been the voice of Soul (God) that was enough, but it just wasn’t, but when the student is ready, the teacher will appear, and I have no doubt that Soul put Human Design in my path. 

From there, what I wanted- which was all about the business I wanted to create that supports the lifestyle I wanted, started to become super clear to me-as I dived into the trial and error processes as  3 / 5  manifesting generators commonly do, and I did it always working on the truth that it was okay for me to do so.  I had to continuously engage in thought work around that because I’d lived my life with the understanding that the way I was, wasn’t right. The starting and stopping, the changing my mind, the constant doing something else now. People made me believe there was something wrong with me, so I absolutely had to manage my mind when thoughts came up about who I was being wasn’t right.  

My kid on the balcony of one of our Florida Thanksgiving Getaways

Where did you start, and where are you now?

I used to go to Florida with my sister and our families for Thanksgiving vacation. She has a timeshare, and we stayed at wonderful resorts. I’d never experienced such a place in my life, and I loved it. 

One day on one of these vacations, everyone was gone from the condo. I was sitting on the balcony with a cup of green tea and journaling. 

I heard a voice give me instructions on what I was to be doing in my life. It was the first time I recognized that voice to be God, and the connection to receiving divine guidance was forever tethered in my soul. Soul to Soul is how I’d describe that connection. 

I wrote down everything I heard. The words flowed on the paper as easily as I’m typing this right now. It was visceral. 

When I went back home, I knew everything had changed. My husband and I separated that spring, I moved back to my own home, and I began my path of learning to become a Spiritual Life Coach. 

It took a couple of years before I actually divorced. I had gotten a job as I was no longer under my husband’s care and the hardships of being a single parent trying to support us both were at the forefront of my mind. 

I met a guy at work who took me to Florida for my birthday. It had been years since that beautiful day on the condo balcony where I’d heard the voice of Soul, and I had only been dabbling in Coaching because I needed to have an income; building a business had to take a back seat. But being back in Florida felt amazing. It’s the place where I feel the most connected to Soul and open to receiving guidance. One morning during this trip, I woke up before my boyfriend (I’m a serious early riser-as I write this, it’s 5 am) and went to the patio with my tea and my journal, and the directions started flowing again. 

It’s not direction as in “do this then do that”; no, it’s more of an uncovering of desires. An assurance that what you feel is true, now go do it. Sometimes I do get the exact steps and instructional downloads, but more often, it’s awakening desires to allow me to see them as truth and expanding into my innate knowing being something I can trust. 

I began making plans to move when I got back. It took three years for my path to unfold. One day my sister was at my house and saw all of the problems I was having with the upkeep. Even though I had my two grown men children living with me plus my 10-year-old, the grass never stayed cut unless I made a stink about it, light fixtures were falling down, the a/c unit had stopped working, It rained in my living room every time it rained, the shower didn’t work in the master bathroom, the sink didn’t work in the hall bathroom, the floor was sinking in the upstairs hallway and bathroom, and there was a hole in the chimney where critter would enter the attic, run around, make nests, and I could hear them running around all the time. 

So she suggested I sell it. People were always calling and sending mail asking me to sell my house, but I wanted to have something to pass down to my kids. As Black people, we just don’t have many opportunities to do that common thing as White people do. I wanted to change that for my kids. But they weren’t keeping the house up, and they didn’t want the house. 

So I sold it and moved to Florida. 

Moving to Florida was all about the lifestyle I wanted. Working by the pool and wearing flip-flops year-round. My business was a hot mess. I was doing work I wasn’t really built for but what was always at the front of my mind wasn’t so much the work more than it was how I saw my days. 

What they looked like, felt like, what I was doing, the weather, the Me! I was excited to make that happen. All of those conversations with Soul, uncovering my desires, were all about my life and how I am built to have, be and do. 

Now, I live in an amazing space that has a beautiful pond view. At night the moonlight shines on the pond and reflects on the wall right outside my bedroom door. It’s like a mini show as I fall asleep. I feel the presence of Soul. 

I’m so grateful for this life. I love being in my spaces; I love writing and sharing the tools I’m using to connect to Soul and receive divine guidance. I enjoy working by the pool, from my balcony, the clubhouse, or Boba Tea place, just across the street in walking distance. 

I enjoy my office with the view of the pond. The ducks are hilarious. Watching the cranes and egrets and even turtles from time to time. It’s heaven on earth. I’m constantly filled with joy and gratitude, not to mention my spaces are designed to nurture my soul, tap into my next-level identity and show up as my fullest expression. 

I’m having the time of my life!

What challenges did I have to overcome?

The challenges I had to face were around belief. 

Here’s what I learned:  If what was standing between where I am now and where I want to be is belief, then I’d better get to believing!  Working out what I needed to believe was the challenge!

I had to dig and dig and work and work to uncover why I didn’t believe that what I wanted, my desires were actually mine and were meant to come true. 

After throwing my shovel to the side out of fear and frustration, I finally uncovered that the reason I didn’t believe could have my desires is because I was missing the thing that these other successful people had. So if I didn’t have it, then I wasn’t going to be able to make my dreams come true. 

I was then able to see the truth. They did have something I didn’t have. 

Yep, it was true. I didn’t have that “thing.” 

But here’s what’s also true-

That thing they had, is what they needed to have in order to amass success. That’s their path. 

I Don’t Need That Thing To Be Successful. 

I needed BELIEF. 

The belief that what I wanted would work. How I was doing things was working. 

So every day, I worked on that belief. I journaled the thoughts I had around things “not working” and cultivated the thoughts I needed that led to “it’s working”

  • Sometimes, the belief for the day was just ‘it’s working”
  • Other days, it was “what I’m doing is highly valuable”
  • And then other days it was “people want to know how to live and business in a way they truly vibe with”

I had to give myself whatever belief I needed that day, that hour, that minute. And yes, sometimes the belief I needed would change in the middle of the day when my brain would offer me very unhelpful suggestions. But I realized months later that, that those were the most amazing strength, self-expanding, self-concept upleveling moments. I learned to believe!

What advice would I give to others trying to make their dreams come true?

Be willing to make what looks like mistakes, but know that everything you do is bringing you closer to who you are and what you’re meant to have and do. 

Be willing to take the shovel and dig up your shit to uncover the real reason you don’t have what you want. If you need support to help you with that, hire a coach, but know that when you see the truth, that’s when things start to shift. 

manifest your dream life

What would I do differently if I had to do it all over again?

Knowing what I know now, I would Believe and Trust. 

Believe that my desires are real. There’s nothing wrong with what I want. 

And trust Soul’s guidance even when I don’t see that the trial and error parts of my life are actually leading to something, trust that it is, and Soul is guiding me to everything that will make my life and business what I want it to be.

What’s next

Right now, I’m loving my life exactly how it is. My son will be entering 11th grade this year, and we’re working on what he may possibly want to do as a career. 

I will continue writing and creating high-value courses for introverts, multi-passionates, and manifesting generators who want to learn how to step into their next-level self-concept and leave behind the imposter syndrome and comparisonitis ways of living and doing business so they can have a mind-blowing life and business, all on their terms. 

I want them to know they don’t have to follow the mainstream ways of living and doing business. As a matter of fact, they’re not built to. 

I want to help them reinvent themselves into the magnificent being that they truly are at their core and that Soul is calling them to now be, do and have.

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