Do you consider yourself a multi-passionate entrepreneur? For the longest time I didn’t know such a thing actually existed. When you’ve been called things like  wishy washy, here we go again or chameleon, you start to think something’s wrong with you. It wasn’t until I learned about Human Design and found out loving change is just how I’m set and how I run my business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur is exactly how I’m designed to. 

  • When I stepped on the scene of the online business world, I was super excited. I was a Spiritual Life Coach helping women create worship practices that they felt connected to instead of the traditional practices taught by their religious dogma.
  • I didn’t have a coach. 
  • I didn’t have a website. 
  • I didn’t start out with 1-1 coaching.
  • I didn’t plan on quitting my job. 

But just like I’m sure you’ve encountered, I started seeing the people teaching how to grow your business. And, I, of-course, signed up to everything possible. Do you do the same?

I then started signing up for courses and programs that told me Exactly what I was supposed to be doing to create a successful business, but I didn’t create nearly the success they said I would. 

I don’t hold them responsible. I truly believe everything happens as it happens and that’s just that. What I’ve learned from those “mistakes” is that first of all, it’s never a mistake if you allow yourself to be open to the lessons you could get from the situations or circumstances and share this new knowledge you have.

It was all bringing me here. To this very moment of telling you how I run my business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur because the lessons I learned have propelled me to having a mind blowing life and business, and I truly want the same for you. 

So let’s dive in, shall we!

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As I’ve mentioned, I found Human Design and it’s been the biggest game changer in how I view myself, my life and running a business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. What I learned is that I’m supposed to be multi-passionate! 

I learned why I couldn’t seem to “ stick with anything” as they say, because I’m not built that way which calls into question the whole “Master of One” strategy that I was taught by many, many coaches. That strategy just doesn’t work for people like us. 

However, I will say this, the way I run my business has many spouts but they come from the same trough. This is what allows me to have a multi-passionate business that isn’t all over the place, but boy, oh boy, let me tell you–it took a LONG TIME to figure out what I wanted my business to look like. 

When I was running my coaching business full on I had a very healthy client roster and a very full calendar. 

I hated it. 

I hated it a lot!

But I didn’t know any better. I thought I was supposed to have a full calendar because, again, that’s what I was taught. 

Again, enter Human Design, where I learned that I’m supposed to have a very open calendar. 

See, here’s the thing I learned that if you don’t take anything else from this conversation, I want you to take this-

Your desires are your guide. 

When you follow directions that totally go against who you are at your core, it’s just not going to work, or should I say, not for very long anyway. 

You have to follow your own innate knowing. Following Souls guidance, I was led to build my business by centralizing one theme and everything else sprouts from that. 

The centralized theme is ME by the way. 

Whatever Aja feels like doing is the theme Everything from the offers I create to the way I create content and market. 

Let’s get into that a bit-

start today

The offers I create are based on my lane of genius. What have I learned and practice that is now my truth? What ways feel good for me to support people in learning the skills that I now possess? That’s it! 

It has to be in alignment with who I am and my values which is all about 

Simplicity, Pleasure, Growth

If the thing I’m thinking about doing  doesn’t hit on ALL of those, not just one or the other, but ALL, then I don’t do it!

THAT’S been a hard lesson to learn and path to follow, but anytime I don’t follow it, I come out miserable. 

  • Simplicity-If it’s too complicated then I’m not gonna do it because it doesn’t feel good!
  • Pleasurable-if it doesn’t feel good I will abandon all reason and simply not do it!
  • Growth-If it doesn’t allow me to expand into where I want to uplevel into, it’s not aligned!

All of the things I’ve tried in the past, some I’ve loved, others, not so much; gives me a plethora of things to teach on. 

Ahhhh, TEACH! That’s the other big epiphany I had in my business is that I don’t really want to Coach, I want to Teach tools that are intrinsically elevating. It’s not the world Coach that I don’t vibe with, it’s the work that coaches do. 

I would rather give you the tools and teach you how to use them, then help you see your brain. Now, truth be told, there’s a level of coaching we all do in our lives and business, whether it’s with the kids to help them with their confidence or your client who doesn’t think she’s cut out for online business-We help people see their brain. 

But I didn’t want to focus on that. Again I say-My lane of genius is where I live. 

So, how do we choose our offers as multi-passionates? We follow our desires. 

Speaking of following desires, the marketing game is crazy out here in these internet streets, am I right or what?!

If it feels hard to you, let me tell you how I navigate it all as a multi-passionate entrepreneur and maybe you’ll gain some methods you can actually use. 

My content and marketing strategy is very OPEN. When I started blogging, I didn’t want to just stick with written content, I wanted the option to do video and audio as well. 

We see people who have Youtube channels, or Podcasts and that’s “just what they do” right (besides their socials) but what if you like them all like I do. 

You give yourself space to do whatever feels good. I have a lot of Introvertedness (is that a word) going on over here. So when I really thought what felt really good to me, creating content in whatever way I felt like was the best ever AND using Pinterest became a huge part of my marketing strategy because everything else-TikTok, Facebook, Instagram-requires you to do People and I was a little tired of Peopling. 

I still post on Facebook and Instagram, using Meta Business suite, but I don’t go on those platforms much anymore….And I like it!

I also started using Summits and Joint Ventures for marketing. I find people who are running summits, some paid, some are free, and I participate in the ones that fit my calendar and don’t ask the world of me. 

Most of the Summits I’ve participated in ask you to post 1-2 times on social media and send out an email to your list. They provide you with copy and images. 

What I provide is a freebie or an audio or a pre-recorded training and I grow  my email list and also get affiliate commissions if the host is offering paid products. 

I don’t have to go Live on Facebook, go find peoples posts to comment on, on Instagram  or post 3 million times on Twitter

My marketing is I blog however the hell I want in which the blogs are set up to automatically push out to Pinterest. And I participate in Summits. 

Now, I still have to actually go on Canva and create more Pinterest Pins to share out to my other boards as well as group boards I’m part of, but that’s it. I do it whenever I feel like it!

Speaking of doing things whenever I feel like it-that’s my schedule!….

september calendar

I write down a list of things I want to get done for the week and I do them when I feel like it. The best thing about that is I get so much done because I’m doing things I actually FEEL LIKE DOING WHEN I FEEL LIKE DOING THEM. 

So, let’s say I want to create about 6 blog posts a month. When I’m in the mood, I can get them all created in 2 days-yes, I mean literally writing for two days and not doing much else (kinda like I’m doing now!) 

You don’t need a schedule as a Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur that’s rigid because it will kick you right out of actually taking action. You’ll be stuck on “having” to do things you really don’t want to instead of allowing your desires and natural inclinations to be your guide for what comes next. 

But what about discipline and commitment, you ask?

Our discipline and commitment looks different than what you’ve been taught. For us Multi’s, our is around following our desires. We have to practice taking direction from what feels good instead of what we think we should be doing. 

You’ll always be making the right choices when you follow Souls guidance. 

Okay, so I hope that you’ve had some ah-ha moments and epiphany’s for how you get to run your business as a multi-passionate entrepreneur. Let me know what you’ve taken away from this post today. 

x, Aja

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