You have a business. Businesses require people to know they exist in order to be successful. Those are the facts. 

HOW you go about telling the world you’re in business is a matter of choice. In the case of how to be visible as an introvert, you’ve probably been offered a million different ways that didn’t exactly sit well with you, so today, I’m going to share with you my concepts as an introvert who loves visibility.

visibility for introvert entrepreneurs

#1 Desire + Pleasure

Before we can dive in, you first have to have some kind of awareness around what feels good to you. Desire always insights pleasure and most often is centered around things that we’re just naturally drawn to.

I’ll tell you this-

I write blogs, but I very rarely read them. But I do read books though.  I also don’t watch videos except for the “how to’s” when I’m stumped on how to find my rss feed, or manipulate a new software. But I love me some Netflix

I’m more of a Podcast, Audio type of girl. That’s my go to method for consuming information. I also very much enjoy recording audio as well. It’s fun. It’s pleasurable. (Desire=Pleasure)

But when I decided to create a blog, I didn’t want to limit myself to having just an audio or podcast. I wanted to be able to write when I felt like it, and create videos when I felt like it. 

It was important for me to create the space for ALL of the ways I wanted to show up. That feels good to me. It’s a desire.

What ways do you consume content? What’s your favorite? Which ones could you definitely do without? Which ways are the most pleasurable for you? Start there!

#2 Energetics and Decision

I recently heard a podcast where the host said she didn’t know anyone who was making 6 figures and beyond with a multi-passionate business model. She went on to say that even though they may create a multitude of different offers, it’s still within their chosen niche.

What I think most people forget is that a lot of online businesses start out very broad because they really have no clue what they truly want, what their soul purpose is or if they do know-then they don’t know how to make it happen. 

I believe that everything works. One step leads to the next but your brain is what keeps things confusing. Your job is to find the belief you need to raise your frequency to who you truly are at your core, and make the best decisions from that space. 

If you make decisions from where you are now, you’ll talk yourself out of the belief. You have to raise your vibration. 

How to raise your vibration: Journaling-break out your pen and notebook and answer this question-

If you set up your visibility to be exactly the way you want it, what would that look like? How would it feel to accomplish that? Write out the thoughts and feelings that come up.  

#3 Belief Cultivation

The thing that gets in the way the most are our thoughts. Thoughts about who we think we are and who we think we’re not drive everything-

Our Actions

Our Decisions

Our Behavior

Our Inaction

Cultivating belief is one of my favorite tools and is essential for visibility. 

If you believe “This ____(insert thing you want to do)  won’t work”, then you won’t be motivated to do the thing!

You have to change your belief. The thing about belief is you have to try on beliefs your brain can actually believe. I know it sounds weird to separate your brain from yourself but it must be done so you can see that what the brain believes is old and outdated information, just like an obsolete computer

You have to rewire your brain on a stable foundation so it can upgrade. You literally have to take some things out to make space for the new. An Unlearning and Relearning concept. 

To do this, you first have to understand how what you believe is the kickoff point for creating ALL of your results. This is what it looks like. See Diagram below. 

In this diagram you can see how everything starts from your thoughts-A belief is a thought you think over and over again until it’s just something you believe. 

When you start to change your thinking and cultivating new beliefs, start small because if you don’t, your brain will kick the new thought/belief right back at you. 

Instead of trying to believe you can run a marathon being a couch potato, cultivate the belief you can walk or run to the mailbox and back. Start small. Your brain won’t believe you can run a marathon. It’s just too big of a belief that you’re asking it to believe. Start with something it can sink its teeth into and Say “Yep, let’s give it a go!”

Okay, so now that you have the foundational pieces together we can look at the spectrum of visibility options. I saved this for last because I think you already know what the possibilities are for you as an introvert, to get visible so I didn’t want led with it but here are some options::

  • Pinterest
  • Recorded Video with you doing a voiceover
  • Audio/Podcasting
  • Reelz with images or pictures that are not you
  • Podcast guesting
  • Online Summits
  • Joint Ventures

If everything works, then it only comes down to you choosing, and working your beliefs around your choices!

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