What dream would you bring to life if you actually believed you could? That was the foundational question I answered, thinking of the life and business I desired. It’s your beginning too.

You’ll learn:

  • Why I created the Dream Catchers Lab
  • The challenges that stood in my way
  • Things I uncovered about me that changed everything

If we’re Facebook Friends, you’ve probably seen my 1.5 million posts about the Dream Catchers Lab. 

This is one of my most favorite offers I’ve ever created because it allows me to run my business COMPLETELY, as I want.

Before I rolled out of bed this morning, I thought about not getting up to see my 15-year-old off to school.

He’s 15. He doesn’t need me to do anything for him. 

I make myself available to him because (a) I want to see what the hell he’s wearing to school, and (b) I want to wish him a happy day and help him start his day in a good head space.

I don’t actually do anything for him except for an occasional help with a bad hair day or big him up on his chosen outfit-both at his request. 

But again, he doesn’t need me.

Then I thought about what a privilege it is to get up to see him off to school. I remember a time when that wasn’t the case. I remember being at work, calling him to make sure he got up and to the bus stop on time. 

I had no clue what he was wearing and wouldn’t be able to tell the police what he had on if I needed to.
So I roll out of bed, excited to say good morning to him and see him off because it feels good to do so. 

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After he leaves, I find myself pouring a cup of delicious coffee and feeling all the feels about not having anything on my calendar. 

No, gotta- 

get to this call at Noon, 

consult call at 10am, 

coaching call at 2pm, 

etc, etc

I know, for some people, that kind of schedule would be heaven but not for me!  I wanted time freedom, and being beholden to a calendar full of calls is not my idea of time freedom. 

To be honest, it took me a long time to get here. A long time to understand what I truly wanted and develop the courage to go after and the belief that I can actually have what I want. 

Just like the space you may be in right now, wondering if you can actually pull it off and have the life and business your heart desires; I, too, went through the doubt, questioning, allowing my fears to dictate my decisions, imposter syndrome, comparisionits and feeling insufficient. 

But you Have to keep going.

Most often, we give up too quickly.

I know, I know, it doesn’t seem like “Too Quickly,” but if you give up, it’s always too quickly because we look at time in a way that causes us misery when the truth is, we are succeeding. 

You have to find the evidence to support “I’m Succeeding” by looking at your own personal growth-who you’ve become in the process. 

-Aja Vancica

You are not the same person you were when you started your journey of creating the life and business you dream of.

Look at what you now know that you didn’t know before. Look at how you can see how your brain works and how to calibrate your energy.

You, my friend, are succeeding, and the more you recognize that the more you will obtain more success!

When I bought the domain name dreamcatcherslab.com I actually didn’t have a clue what I was going to do with it, I just vibed so deeply with the name. 

Things I uncovered about me that changed everything

For years, I’d battled with the fact that I didn’t want a traditional coaching business but didn’t see how I could support people without one. 

Being in the online coaching business space, you don’t see many options for what a coaching business could look like except for the traditional avenues. And learning that I didn’t want to go back to having a full calendar of coaching clients, I knew I’d have to think of something that was probably never heard of, and that in itself created a bunch of mindset drama to add to the list of other things my brain had to work on. 

One of the things that came out of dealing with my long list of mindset drama issues to work on was instead of being a Coach; I decided I wanted to Teach Tools.

As a Manifesting Generator, I have many tools and will continue to gain many tools to help me in just about every area on the life wheel. 

-business building tools

-identity and self-concept tools

-energy and frequency tools

-environment and spaces tools

-relationship building/boundary tools

-health and movement tools

-parenting tools

-systems and biz management tools

And so many more. I’m a Tools Whore! I love them; I love to try them out and see what works for me and what doesn’t. (3 / 5 Manifesting Generator)
I have So much to offer my clients, especially now that I recognize that all the tool trying is just one of my superpowers and lane of genius. 

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The challenges that stood in my way

So then, my next question was HOW. 

Oh, boy, isn’t that Always the question? How, How, How?

My how was rooted in not wanting a calendar full of coaching calls. My how was rooted in not knowing if people would understand I’m not a Coach; I’m a Teacher Of Tools and not the traditional School Teacher when I say, “I’m a Teacher!”. 

My brain told me-

Teacher=Students who are kids

Professor=Students who are adults

Consultant=Businesses, which would require me to do a bunch of marketing, ugghhh!

Although I’m a Certified Director of Operations with many business consultant programs under my belt, I didn’t want to call myself a Consultant.

Let’s be clear here. The ONLY reason you need a title is for YOU. People don’t care what you call yourself; they just want to know you can help them!

A title is for your confidence, so pick the easiest one you can get your brain on board with. This isn’t the fight to pick with your brain right now!  #pickyourfights

So, I leaned into my title of being a Teacher Of Tools, which led to me asking myself, how would like to teach tools? 

I started blogging-loving it (you’re reading it right now) you love it too!

The blog led me to think about how I can support people with questions they might have using the teachings of the blog-Office Hours. 

Office Hours was created exclusively for the Volley app, which I’d been using the Volley app for years, personally with my friends and a few clients. 

I set it up as monthly membership and opened the doors.

I threw myself into marketing like crazy and got a few people in. Then I closed it (it was only for 15 days)

But I already had a “membership” type of thing with the Soul Led Visionary Experience. So I revamped the components of both Office Hours, and SLV, plus I opened Dream Catchers Lab as Masterclass that was going to happen in a month. 

I was all over the place! I’d created rules for how things needed to be instead of how things got to be! 

I closed SLV, took down the link for the Dream Catcher Lab Masterclass, and then I reopened Office Hours with channels for group, one-to-one support, and some course content, and opened the doors.

Again, I threw myself into marketing it. Content everywhere. 

And then….LOL

A hobby I’d been trying to learn took a new perspective. I started making woven wall hangings which are my take on a Modern Day Dream Catcher.

I love them. They are gorgeous. I considered selling a kit to people who wanted to make dream catchers, or shipping people a dream catcher box when they entered Office Hours that had a candle, a journal, and a dream catcher in it (all of these I still might do!)

Office Hours was changing. It was taking on a life of its own and that life was the Dream Catchers Lab. 

Why I created the Dream Catchers Lab

I believe we are all Dream Catchers and have the ability to capitalize on that superpower when having the right tools to help us. 

-Aja Vancica

My how to support people learn the tools to change their lives became sooo apparent to me. I created Dream Catchers Lab because it felt easy to me. It felt like a place I Wanted to show up in, in the way I wanted to. It sounds selfish, but I’m not a unicorn. There are millions of people who want time freedom in the way I do. I created Dream Catchers Lab because I wanted to wake up and make coffee and feel amazing knowing I don’t have a million time-sensitive things on my calendar. I created Dream Catchers lab for all of us who want to learn tools that help us grow into the ones who make our dreams come true!

So Office Hours became Dream Catchers Lab. 
A space where I and my students never have to be beholden to scheduled coaching calls can get support from anywhere at any time of the day, in any way they feel comfortable doing so.

It’s the BEST place on the planet for MIM’s (multi-passionates, introverts, and manifesting generators) to get support in building a business they love that supports them in having their dream lifestyle.

I don’t just write all this so I can tell you to Join Me!  Yes, I want you to, but what I really want you to take away from this content is that you don’t have to know why you desire a thing, but you do have to follow that desire to have the life and business you dream of.

Space is open in Dream Catchers Lab for you to learn the tools for following your dreams and making them come true. 

x, Aja


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